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User Agreement

The terms and conditions of membership of Hotel Park Habio are as follows:

Regulation for accommodation

Article 1 Application of this Agreement 1. The accommodation agreement concluded by Hotel Park Habio (hereafter referred to as “The Hotel”) and all related agreements are based on this Agreement and regarding to the matters not specified in this agreement shall be based on the relevant laws and regulation or customs.
2. The Hotel shall follow this regulation regarding to the reservation by credit card and for the details, shall follow the agreement between credit card company and hotel franchises.
3. The Hotel shall be able to accept the special contract within the range not in conflict with the purpose of this agreement, laws and regulations or customs regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 2 Refusal of Accommodation The Hotel shall be able to refuse the accommodation for the following cases :
1] When there is no room as the hotel is full
2] When the application for accommodation is not based on this agreement
3] When recognized that the guest desired to lodge has a possibility to act against regulations of accommodation or public order or public morals
4] When a guest conducts any behavior that threatens other guests or the staffs of the Hotel by verbal or physical violence
5] When a guest desired to lodge is recognized clearly to be the person who has contagious disease
6] When recognized that the guest desired to lodge has pet or dangerous goods (drug, weapons)
7] When a guest desired to stay gives a special burden for accommodation
8] When not possible to accept the registration due to natural disasters, failure of facility and other inevitable reasons
9] When recognized not acceptable to stay according to the laws and regulation of Korea
10] When other justifiable reasons exist

Article 3 Description of name The Hotel has a right to request the subscriber to suggest the following items when receiving the application for stay before the scheduled date (hereinafter referred to as “Scheduled Application)
1] Name, gender, contact point, nationality of subscriber
2] Other items required by the Hotel

Article 4 Deposit for Reservation 1. When receiving the application for stay in the Hotel, we guarantee only the reservation with deposit
But, when reserved by credit card, the reservation is guaranteed regardless of deposit.
2. The cancellation charge of the above paragraph shall be covered by the deposit for the cases corresponding to the provisions of Article 5 and the balance if remained, shall be returned.
But, when using a credit card without deposit, the credit card company shall claim a cancellation charge according to the provisions of Article 5
3. For the reservation or cancellation by credit card, the Hotel shall inform the subscriber of the application no., date, name of subscriber and the cancellation charge.

Article 5 Cancellation by Subscriber The Hotel shall claim the cancellation charge when all or a part of reservations are cancelled by the subscriber, based on the provisions below.
SEAMARQ Regulation of Reservation Cancellation
FIT and PKG Reservation

1. 2 days prior to arrival : no penalty
2. 1 day prior to arrival : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
3. Check-in day : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
4. NO SHOW : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
5. Change and cancel reservations after check-in date : no refund
For hotel high seasons, penalty is imposed as follows

1. 3 days prior to arrival : 30% penalty for the first overnight room rate
2. 2 days before arrival : 50% penalty for the first night
3. 1 day prior to arrival : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
4. Check-in date : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
5. NO SHOW : 100% penalty for first night's room rate
6. Change and cancel reservations after check-in date : no refund

High Seasons Period
1. May, June, July, August, October, December
2. Every Friday and Saturday (all year long)
3. A day before every national and designated holiday
4. From the eve of the first day of long holidays to a day before their last day
For the case regarded to be cancelled based on the regulation of the above paragraph, if the subscriber didn’t arrive without any information but if recognized that the reasons are attributable to cancellation or delay of public transportation means such as aircraft, passenger ship and not attributable to the subscriber, the cancellation charge of the above clause 1 shall be exempted.

Article 6 Cancellation by the Hotel 1. The Hotel shall be able to cancel the reservation for the following cases except for the case stipulated separately
1) When recognized to be corresponding to Article 2.2 and Article 2.9
2) When requested the description for requirements of Article 3 but failed to be described by due date
3) When requested to pay the deposit on Article 4.1 but failed to be paid by due date
2. The Hotel, if cancelled the reservation of accommodation based on the regulation of the above paragraph, shall return the deposit, if existed.

Article 7 Registration for Accommodation The guest should register the following items at the front desk on the day of arrival.
1. The items of Article 3.1
2. Passport no. for foreigners
3. Date of birth for Koreans
4. Contact point and name
5. Other things recognized to be necessary by the Hotel

Article 8 Check-out 1. The check out time for the guest is by 11:00 AM .
2. If the guest exceeds the check out time despite of the regulation on the above paragraph of the Hotel, the extra rate shall be changed as below
1) After 11:00 AM : KRW 10,000 extra charge per hour
2) After 3:00 PM : 1 night charge

Article 9 Business hour The business hour of the amenities of the Hotel is listed on this guidebook.

Article 10 Payment 1. The room rate shall be paid to the front desk of the Hotel by the currency, traveler’s check authorized by the Hotel, credit card or coupon at the departure of the guest or when requested to pay by the Hotel.
2. After the guest began to use the room, even if not stayed at his/her own will, the room rate shall will be charged.

Article 11 Compliance of the Rule The guest of the Hotel should comply with the listed rules of use defined by the Hotel.

Article 12 Refusal of Extension of Stay The Hotel shall be able to refuse the guest for the extension of stay during the accepted stay period for the following cases :
1. When regarded to be corresponding to Article 2.1 to Article 2.9.
2. When violated the rule of use

Article 13 Responsibility for Stay 1. The responsibility for stay in the Hotel shall be regarded to begin either when the guest registered for the stay at the front desk of the Hotel or when guided to the room, whichever done earlier, and end when the guest vacated their room on the day of departure.
2. The Hotel shall not accept the responsibility for the accident caused by the guest who failed to comply with the rule of use listed on the Hotel.
3. If the Hotel cannot provide a room to the guest after securing the reservation, due to the reason attributable to the Hotel, we will recommend other accommodation with equal or similar condition, except for natural disasters or other reasons not easy to disclose.

Article 14 Handover or Return of Room Key 1. The guest shall receive the key holder for room at the front desk when checking in, and return the key holder at the front desk with payment for room charge when checking out.
2. The guest if the key holder is lost during stay, should declare the lost at the front desk immediately

Rules of Hotel

Rules of Use The Hotel defines the rules of use based on Article 11 of Agreement of Accommodation for the safe and comfortable stay of guests as follows. If violated this rule, please be noted that the guest shall be refused to use the room or amenities of the Hotel based on Article 12 of this Agreement and shall be asked for the responsibility.
1. All rooms are prohibited to smoke
2. The use of heating or cooking apparatus is not allowed in the room
3. Not allowed to use the room for any purpose except for lodging such as exhibition, meeting or party or office without permission of the Hotel
4. Not allowed to change the room condition or move the furniture without permission of the Hotel.
5. Do not meet the visitors in the room
6. Prohibited to distribute the advertisement or propaganda or sell the goods without permission of the Hotel.
7. Safety instructions for infants
1) The infants need the protection and control from guardian always
2) Do not let infants alone in the room for the safety.
8. Not allowed to carry in the following things
1) Pet animals such as dog, cat, bird
2) Ignitable or Flammable dangerous substances
3) Things prohibited to carry by other regulations
9. The storage period for the goods or the lost and the found is as follows unless otherwise specified
1) The goods in store room : 1 month
2) The lost and the found : 6 months
3) The goods not returned despite of the elapse of the above period shall be disposed
10. The payment for the room should be done at the front desk when you check in. In addition, if requested for the payment during your stay depending on the situation, you are requested to pay
11. When you check in, please let the cash or valuables keep in the private safe of the room or ask the front desk to keep them. Please be noted that any loss or theft caused by carelessness of the guest shall not be the responsibility of the Hotel.