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Wedding HallWedding Hall

Flexible Hotel wedding held in exclusive hall

White virgin road for bride, modern interior and elegant decoration with real flowers,
LED signboard and automatic moving stage create unforgettable special event of your wedding.
With excellent traffic accessibility as located in the center of Seoul,
experience special weeding as well as a variety of business events and banquet, party,
and convention meetings provided by Hotel Park Habio..

#LocationReservation for banquet 2F

#Inquiries & Reserve02-6925-2900

Information for facilities

  •  Lobby

    More luxurious lobby with modern atmosphere and antic point

  •  Wedding Hall

    Grand Ballroom with classical and stately atmosphere.
    Flower decoration, LED signboard, automatic moving stage create various special events.
    The wedding hall with capacity of more than 520 persons is available to have wedding ceremony and dining at the same time at exclusive hall. The relaxation of wedding event for 3 hours, woofer sound system, live broadcasting by 360° rotating Zimizib camera make your wedding unforgettable and special.

  •  Waiting Room for Bride

    Soft and ambient lighting and warm interior with powder room and rest room create a special space for bride. The wide area of waiting room gives a comfortable feeling and the table and restroom for friends of bride are set inside which is a optimal space for bride to relieve the tension before main wedding ceremony.

  •  Pyebaek room

    In the comfortable, relaxed and elegant space combining the Korean traditional beauty and modern sense, pay respect to the bridegroom’s parents with deep bow and unforgettable touch

Wedding Styling

The Wedding Convention of Hotel Park Habio pursues the tailored wedding for customers.
Make your own weeding differentiated and unforgettable

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